what we do on Christmas as a kid

Jovanna Ferrer

what we do on Christmas day and eve

On Christmas eve some people open a Christmas eve gift. But not everyone does it. I do it. I only open one on that day, oh and do not forget to put out cookies, milk, and carrots for Santa and the reindeer. Now lets talk about Christmas DAY. First you don't want to get out of bed but then you sister / brother says Santa came. then you run out of bed. And go to your mom and dads room and wake them up by jumping on them a tiny bit. And you yell Santa came Santa came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they said i bet he didn't. And you go back on and on, he came. You run to the tree and poor the stuff out of the stocking on to the couch. Or automen and find some candy and possibly a V.I.P. card to some game. and then look under the tree. And there is nothing and your parents say i was right. No i am kidding there are like 60 presents for you and 10 for each parent. And at like 8.00 you get dressed and go to your ant's house. Waiting in cold for someone to get the door. When you go in the house their like you could of wore your pajamas. And your like are you kidding me i got dressed for nothing!! and then say hi to everybody and also give them hugs. And look at the tree but you see one of your present the wrapping paper has ripped. You feel the need to look in the rip so you...... do. And it's a boring present and your like the one time. There is rip in the wrapping paper it's boring. So you leave at 12.00 and go to the other ant's house and there are 15 presents for you. Then you go back home at

2.00 eat, drink hot chocolate, and and sleep. and sleep some more and more. You sleep for like 8 hours and the next day you play with the toys you got and get bored of them. THE END thanks for reading

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