Ladies' breakfast!

Bacon for the boys isn't just croissants for the chicks!

Baconfest 2014 for the girls

Fancy a good old heart attack breakfast? Fried sausages, bacon and egg with possibly beans, hash browns, black pudding and even a splash of brown (or tomato) sauce?

Your chance is coming up. Early in 2014 the HOPE girls (by which, I mean any females who are remotely connected, including once or twice removed, with HOPE church) are invited to meet the Heavitree Breakfast Challenge (HBC).

The cost is £5.50 for a fuuuullllll plate and coffee or tea to wash it down.

Conditions - no actual heart attacks permitted, please. If you are feeling unwell, come next time!


Saturday, Feb. 8th 2014 at 8:30am

High St


Ladies time

When did you last get out and have breakfast with a group of friends? if, like me, it's too long ago to be able to remember (or you remember precisely because you haven't done it for far too long) now is your chance to catch up on the news as well as get to know and encourage the other girls. Do make it if you can. For those who are already feeling guilty at the thought, we can always go for a hike to Lympstone and back afterwards!
Let me know if you hope to come. Payment beforehand would be very useful to secure your place. Limited to 30!
Speak to you soon

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