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May 8, 2016

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iPads for Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade Teachers

We have great news to share!!! The Technology Department purchased iPads and covers for every kindergarten, first grade, and second grade teacher at PSA!!! To get the device you will need to complete a short online assessment to demonstrate basic iPad proficiencies. This simple process is outlined below.

Interested in Having a New iPad Over the Summer for Planning Purposes?

Once you have demonstrated basic iPad proficiencies by taking a short online assessment, you will receive a new iPad to take home over the summer! If you are familiar with iPads and ready to take the assessment feel free to skip the tutorials and workshops!

Ready to earn your iPads Basics Badge? You will "join" the iPads Basics Course in Canvas (Learning Management System) to access everything you need to demonstrate Basic iPad Proficiencies and earn your badge!

  1. How to Join class in Canvas (access tutorials, quiz, etc.)
  2. Join iPads Basics course using this link
  3. DIY online tutorials available
  4. Workshop Request for Face-to-face support*
  5. Earn Your Badge by completing the Hands-On Activity and Quiz: iPads Basics Assessment

We will begin delivering iPads to teachers who have earned their iPad Basics Badge on May 17th.

If you are not interested in having an iPad over the summer then you may take the assessment in August.

*Session at Summer Learning Summit as well.