Demo of skills

making fish taco and ceviche

dates of demo

june 11

time : 2 pm

description of activity

setting up for and creating two dishes

  • fish tacos
  • ceviche

reason for teaching

the reason for me choosing the two dishes fish tacos and ceviche is that, fish taco is one of the best selling dishes at the wilcox and ceviche is a dish that is more traditional and made is a very unique way.

instructions for teacher

help with the construction of the fish tacos and ceviche

materials for teacher

  • non-slip shoes
  • hat/hair net
  • full black pants


fish tacos

  1. place portioned basa in flour mixture
  2. fry breaded basa
  3. heat up torts
  4. setup taco stands
  5. pull out basa and let oil drain off
  6. put torts in stands
  7. layer taco with tomatillo, cheese, basa, pablano, pico, guacamole, and micro greens


  1. place grouper in bowl
  2. cut and squeeze lime juice into bowl
  3. place bowl in freezer
  4. cut and plate sweet potatoes
  5. add red onion and corn to grouper
  6. place grouper mixture on sweet potatoes
  7. drizzle with tigers milk and micro greens