The evolution of the Paper Clip

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The Paper Clip

You may not seem to realize it every day but the paper clip is actually a very useful thing, and people have done alot to perfect the ones you use now. The popular one that most people use now is the "gem," but we'll get on that later...

Two examples

1867: the "first paper clip"

According to the museum of early office, the first patent of a paper clip was in 1867 to Samuel B. Fay. It was patented originally for attaching flags to fabric. Although It was also said it could be used to hold paper together. 50 more designs were to follow before 1899.

The "Gem" Paper clip

A paper clip that has been used for a long time that was never patented was the gem paper clip. It was most likely produced in Britain, in the 70's. By the "The gem Manufacturing Company" The earliest found documentation of its advertisement was in 1894.


When Paper clips were first made, they were just bent peices of wire that can pin down clothes or (mainly) paper. The first one, like i mentioned earlier, was the Philadelphia. Back then, there were not as many designs as people were still inventing them, so there was a lesser amount of designs, and the gem was very popular.


Now, paper clips are still just pieces of bent wire. The most common one is the Gem Paper Clip present, but there are others still out there! The latest documentation one according to the Early Office Museum, the latest paper clip was the Vee Paper clip. It arrived in 1966. Other paper clips have been recorded, but no one knows who made them and when. Even today though, the gem stays popular, but the cool thing is (once again) It was one of the first.


In the future, there are sure to be more designs that might be more popular or more useful than maybe the Vee-clip, or the Gem or even the Philadelphia (which isn't even that popular) But who knows! No one can predict the future!

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Julian Alviz-Gransee

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