Mind Body Therapy for Mental Health and Wellbeing

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Yoga for the Mind - 8-Week Course for Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks or Depression

Thursday, April 16th, 6:30pm to Thursday, June 4th, 8:30pm

King Street, London, United Kingdom W69JT

• Comprehensive mind-body therapy course based on scientific evidence

• Addresses the physical, psychological & emotional aspects of mental health

• Develop physical and mental resilience

• Enhance concentration and focus

• Expand psychological tolerance of uncomfortable feelings

• Improve wellbeing

• Cope better day to day in the short term and long term


THE YOGA FOR THE MIND 8-WEEK COURSE - is a highly specialised and unique combination of Yoga, Mindfulness, Psycho-Education, Therapeutic Holding, Ancient Wisdom and Philosophy combined with cutting edge Scientific Understanding and Modern Medical Research.


This course covers different themes each week, enabling students to become more aware of any unhelpful mental patterns, perceptions and habits, and develop tools to manage them better.

Each 2hr class broadly follows the same structure. Students are introduced to the week’s theme and guided through an hour of posture practices, 15mins of breath practice, a yogic or mindfulness activity related to that week’s theme and a short group discussion. Each week builds cumulatively on the learning of previous weeks. Students are given homework at the end of each class to practice daily along with a manual and CD’s to support the


Weeks 1-2

In the first two weeks of the course students are taught how to regulate and understand mood through breath and movement. Some breath practices are energising; others are calming for the nervous system. Students are guided on the appropriate times to engage in these different practices.

Weeks 3-5

In weeks three, four and five the focus is on how to understand and influence emotional health through body awareness and movement.

Weeks 6-8

In the concluding weeks the course builds on the mental strength and resilience developed in the previous weeks. This is the point at which we begin to work with the mind, engaging in mindfulness meditation practices that enable students to view and adapt their mental patterns in new and helpful ways.

What to Expect

Session Structure

Each class broadly follows the same structure every week:

  • Asana practise with awareness 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Pranayama 15-20 minutes
  • Group Activity 15 minutes. The group activity serves to highlight the teaching related to that week. Activities come from either the mindfulness or yoga tradition
  • Group Discussion 15 minutes. During the discussion students can ask questions related to yoga and mindfulness, share insights, listen to others or choose to be silent. Everyone gets an opportunity to speak in an organised fashion.
  • Explanation of daily home yoga therapy and mindfulness practice

Course Materials

The yoga course also includes:

  1. A comprehensive manual
  2. A Yoga therapy and Mindfulness CD to support daily practice

Teacher Support

During the course every student receives individual attention so you’ll feel safe and supported throughout. Additionally there is opportunity before and after sessions for private discussion with the course teacher.

Who is this course for?

All levels of yoga and meditation are welcome - You need not worry if you haven’t practised either before.

You do not need to be flexible

You do not need any prior yoga experience

You can be young or old

You can be male of female

You can be a complete beginning or advanced practitioner

This is a small group class (maximum of 12) and a friendly, warm and supportive environment



I found this course very helpful. I had always been sceptical about yoga and other complimentary treatments for my depression and anxiety, but this course dispelled all that. It has given me a new and powerful way to help myself.

- Toni

I really enjoyed the stretching and learning the breathing techniques. The meditation was really helpful and I feel I have been given new skills to use at home and in other stressful parts of life.

- Sarah

I found learning about the different techniques, such as concentrating on my breathing or grounding, really helpful, especially at times when I am feeling stressed or anxious. They help me to focus instead of running away with my thoughts. I often use them when I am walking, on the tube and when I’m at work when I find myself getting anxious or stressed.

- Steve

I loved taking the time to clear my mind, which really helped me to focus. Everything I learnt was so useful. I've used the breathing to help me get to sleep, cope with stressful situations and with physical and mental pain. It is very effective.

- Alison

Beyond expectations. I walked out of class each week feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever life would challenge me with.

- Laura



However for a LIMITED TIME ONLY this course is open to H&F Council Staff for a special Introductory Price of £200.

This is exceptional value and includes:

  • 8 x 2 hours of Specialised Therapeutic Yoga and Mindfulness Classes (Total 16 hrs)
  • A comprehensive Course Manual
  • A Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness CD including 8 tracks to support daily practice
  • Individual Support throughout the course


Places limited to a maximum of 12 so please secure your place as soon as possible by emailing: or calling 0701776 9642.