Woods Weekly

Week of October 19th-22nd

Classroom Happenings

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The results are in from the Color Run. Our class had the most student participation so... WE WON A PIZZA PARTY! Woohoo!!! Our pizza party will be on Thursday, October 22nd. It was wonderful seeing so many students at the race! We shared our race stories during class, and it sounded like everyone had a great time!

I need your help! I would like for my class to do a novel study with the book Fish in a Tree (written by: Lynda Mullaly Hunt) during the month of November, but I only have 13 copies. I would LOVE if everyone in the class could have a copy of it to use as we read and complete activities. If you are willing and able to purchase a copy to donate to our school, it would be greatly appreciated! The book runs between $12 to $17 dollars depending on where it is purchased from. I checked earlier in the week and saw it on sale at Barnes and Noble for about $12; Amazon also had it for about $12.

Here is a little background information about the story. The story focuses on Ally who becomes very creative with hiding the fact that she can't read. With the help of her new teacher, Ally gains confidence and realizes there is nothing wrong with being dyslexic. In fact, she realizes that there is more to herself and everyone around her than the labels that they place on each other.

Here is a look at what is coming up next week:


We will pick up Science again at the end of October.

Social Studies:

We will finish up the last section of our chapter on Monday; students will learn about culture groups that make up Indiana's population as well as celebrations, traditions, and famous Hoosiers. Students will be working on their Indiana Map Projects this week too. They will be given class time on Tuesday and Wednesday. What they do not finish in class on Wednesday will become homework. The map projects are due on Thursday. I can't wait to see how well they turn out! :)


We are continuing to work on multiplication of 2-digit by 2-digit numbers. We will be moving from building them with our base ten pieces to sketching them on graph paper; from there, we will work on making quick sketches on regular paper. As we progress through each activity, we will be working on using more efficient methods to solve these multiplication problems.


It is time for our first Reader's Theater of the year. Student groups will be reading and practicing their scripts all week. We will be working on pausing at different types of punctuation to help our reading fluency. Students will perform their scripts on Thursday in front of their classmates.


Students are making a lot of progress on their personal narratives! I have enjoyed reading students' rough drafts and conferencing with them. We will be working on writing our conclusions and making revisions this week.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs. Woods

Spelling: Long and Short "i" Patterns

Core Words

  1. rhythm

  2. differ

  3. lightning

  4. injure

  5. lighthouse

  6. crimson

  7. picnic

  8. system

  9. symbol

  10. shrivel

Test Words

  1. mighty

  2. enlighten

  3. distribute

  4. frighten

  5. mystic

  6. syllable

  7. insect

  8. figure

  9. tonight

  10. highway

  11. constrict

  12. sympathy

  13. children

  14. gypsy

  15. chimney

Important Dates to Remember:

October 21st: Panera Restaurant Night 4-8 pm

October 22nd: End of the first grading period

October 23rd: Fall Break/ No School

October 30th: Harvest Fest

Specials and Lunch/Recess Schedule

Monday: Library

Tuesday: Music and Gym

Wednesday: Music and Gym

Thursday: Computers

Friday: Art

Lunch: 12:20-12:50

Recess: 12:50-1:20


If you would like to set up a conference with me to discuss your child's progress, please email or call me. I am available 3:30-4:00 pm on Tuesdays and 8:00-8:30 am on Thursdays. If those days and times do not work for you, please let me know and we will find another time to meet.