Kentwood, Michigan

Where I grew up!!!!!!!!


42'52'N and 85'38'W, exactly in Kent county Michigan very, very close to Grand Rapids



There are lots of small ponds and forests in Kentwood, their is slightly more land with buildings on them than unused land. Many schools, houses, condos apartments, and stores. They usually get a couple inches less than we do get here Saugatuck. They have typically rainy springs and sunny summers


Kentwood is a lot like the area around it. It gets lake affect snow in the winter, it is hot in the summer (almost 5 to 10 degrees warmer in the summer than Saugatuck in the summer, sometimes).

Movement and Human Environment Interacton


People most likely move to Kentwood for the VERY good school district, and its close to Grand Rapids. They would move away because because of jobs or a need for a bigger house. People get from place to place in Kentwood by car, walking, biking etc.

Human Environment Interaction

People adapt to the area by wearing heavy coats in the winter, thin jackets in the spiring and fall, and shorts and T-shirts in the summer. Humans are building lots of buildings on the land. At the same time people are also trying to preserve the land.