Accepting One's Self

While growing up, I detected self-esteem issues. I cared too much about what others thought of me and continuously compared myself to them. Everything I did or thought of doing, I wondered how it would portray me. I realized this was not fully being true to oneself and was not the way I wanted to continue living. To fix this problem, I made a life change. Below is a list of all the factors that helped me become the self-accepting person I am today.

Body Mind Spirit

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

I watched enough documentaries and read too many articles to know how bad meat is, to continue to eat it, so I became a vegetarian. I also cut out bread and most dairy from my diet. Although I refuse to stop eating eggs and cheese, I am still 70 percent toxin free. With all those toxins out of my body I gained an abundance amount of energy, so I put that towards my workouts, 5 days a week.

Inner Peace

I have grown to rely on meditation. Usually 10 to 15 minutes a day is enough, but sometimes an hour is needed. Strange enough that hour feels like 15 minutes. Overcoming negative minds and cultivating constructive thoughts is the soul purpose of meditation. I learned how to transform my mind from negative to positive, from disturbed to peaceful, from unhappy to happy in the matter of weeks.
Meditation: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: Bodhin Kjolhede at TEDxFlourCity


Some do not believe in the language of the stars, but I am certainly not one. Astrology is an incredible tool of self-discovery, no matter how far you decide to take it. Once I found out my life path number, I was hooked. I started studying all the numbers and symbols to where I have them down pat. It helps me understand others as well as myself.

Family Matters

Growing up with three brothers and a single mom has molded me to be the strong, independent person I am today.

Licensed Baby!

During high school I was part of a vocational program. Through that program, I got the opportunity to get my cosmetology license. I did my dues, 1500 hours and passed the test. Cos was the startup for expressing my creativity with hair, makeup, nails and myself. Now I am licensed and can do stellar ombres.

If You're There, I'm Happy

Music is a great way to express yourself and can show people who you truly are. It is also the solution to all of my problems. Whatever type of funk I'm in, music is always the cure. If I need to get pumped up, pop in my jams. If I need to relax, pop in my jams. If I'm stressed, pop in my jams and dance it off. No matter what the situation is, the right music will always make it better.

Nicci's top picks

  1. The Grateful dead
  2. Simon&Garfunkel
  3. Gorillaz
  4. Tame Impala
  5. STS9
  6. MF DOOM

Music is a great way to bring people together. That is one reason why music festivals are so much fun. You arrive with friends and leave with family. Below is one of the best movie scenes ever made and expresses my weird group of friends and I very well.

Movie Scene Wayne's World Bohemian Rhapsody

Learning the Ways of a Savage

Need to Knows for a Music Festival

  • Avoid rompers! Peeing in a porter potty is hard enough with pants, do you really want to be fully stripped in one? If you're in the forest just pee outside but still, not with a romper.
  • Wherever you go, dance. If the front of the stage is your designation either you can get there early and wait it out or you can just dance to the front! I promise people will be nicer about a person dancing by, than walking and having to shove them. There's also the choice of acting like you lost your friend. Where's Ashley?!
  • Bring rain boots and a rain coat (trash bags and duct tape work too). Even if the weatherman says they're not needed, they are! The pit will most likely be dirt, therefore it'll get REALLY muddy. Also it's always best to be safe rather than sorry.
  • Sun lotion and chap stick. Whatever you do, DO NOT forget these necessities. It will be hot and the rays will be out. You don't want to be that person with blisters on their face aka me at the last festival I went to.
  • Shower wipes and dried shampoo. Unless you're rich enough to get VIP, you will use these two things generously. Yes there are public showers, but usually they end up with some type of body fluids in them after the first day.
  • Avoid buckets! You definitely don't want to see what kinds of solids and liquids that have gathered in those.
  • The coppers are on the hunt! If you look like a hippy, you will get pulled over. So guys I suggest pulling your hair back and try not to show off the tie-dye.
  • GLOW STICKS! Trust me you'll want them.

The present result

The Adventurous, Optimistic Realist

One thing I learned through my self-discovering journey, is that one is always changing. As of right now, I am an adventure seeking gunky as well as an optimistic realist. My life motto: when life gives you lemons, make lemon water and go on a hike. Life didn't give you lemons and sugar so don't plan for lemonade. What I mean by this, is that if you watch any of the news, you know the world can be a terrible place at times, but there's not much one can do about it. I don't have much faith for the survival of mankind, but until the apocalypse happens, I am going to enjoy every sip and step I take. Whatever happens, happens, and I will find a way to cope with it.


The future is so exciting, I am getting butterflies in my stomach just by writing this. I am not going to bore you by writing all the trips I plan on taking, but know that I will not be designated to one spot until I know where that one spot should be. I still don't fully know who I am or what I am meant to do, but I accept not knowing, and that is how you experience body, mind and spiritual peace.