Inexpensive Self-Storage Calgary NW

All storage facility are clean, safe and accessible.

Storage Company Near Trans-Canada Hwy

Space Place Storage Calgary NW offers inexpensive extra space storage for dirt bikes, rowboats or camping gear, even vehicles. Clients are confident that whatever items stored in the units is kept safe and undamaged. It offers temperature controlled self-storage lockers in a variety of different sizes to accommodate household items, business products and seasonal items with maximum security, and easy access. In most cases, choosing a self-storage is a cost-effective option that offers flexibility and reliability for a few days or a few years.

For over 20 years of self-storage Calgary, the company has gained reputation in bringing the needs of storing household, business or seasonal items right to the fingertips. There are some tips on short term storage to consider to make it easier and a lot convenient. For all appliances, it should be thoroughly drained of liquid prior to storage. Appliance doors should be kept open. These measures prevent water and mildew damage. Also, clothing and fabrics should be stored on hangers, ideally in wardrobe boxes which are made available in the facility.