King Cotton

3rd Period. By: Amanda Harvey

Cotton Boom

After the Civil War ended the most important crop grown in Texas was the cottom. In the 1800s the value of cotton was greater than the combined value of all other crops. Because of this most people were not ranchers, but cotton farmers. More than 3,500,00 bales were produced in the year 1900 alone. Rail roads were very helpful to farmers because they allowed the harvested cotton to get to the market faster.

Failing Farms

Though many farmers were succesful, not all farms flourished. After the Civil War many families that came to Texas to farm faced disapointment and failure. These families did not suceed because they were not familiar with the land in Texas, and did not know how to use the land in a proper way. Also, many farming families did not know which crops were best for the land. Hardships folr the new farmers included droughts and insects eatin their crops. The worst drought that occured for them was in the late 1800s, and it ruined many of the new farming families hopes and dreams. A good harvest could still provide a bad profit, and this occured because cotton became so popular to plant, and because there was so much of it, it became less valuable. Although many farmers failed they paved a way for other farmers that learned from their mistakes.