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2nd Grade News and Notes: June 1 - 4th

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Wow! Is it me or did this school year really FLY by??? Thank you for helping make it a WONDERFUL year! I have truly loved getting to know you and your family. Have a safe summer vacation!


Monday, June 1st: Please make sure your child brings a plain, white t-shirt for an end-of-the-year celebration today! Click here to see the original note:

Tuesday, June 2nd: 2nd grade Science Day--learners will rotate to each 2nd grade teacher and complete a different science exploration with them. So much fun!

Wednesday, June 3rd: 2nd grade Art Day--learners will rotate to each 2nd grade teacher and complete different art project with them.

Thursday, June 4th: Last Day of School

Thursday, June 4th: 2nd Grade Hot Dog celebration (more info to come!)

Wondering what our school year will be like next year? Here's the 2015-2016 calendar!

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Inspire creativity through play this summer! And do it on a dollar-store budget!!! These are great ideas for summer fun.

Reading Logs are a great way to motivate your learner to keep reading over the summer. Check out these different logs--there's even one you can color!

Reading logs not doing the trick for your reader? Try not having your reader read different books, but read books in different PLACES instead. Just a little something different to keep reading engaging and fun!

Now, here's a way to keep the "summer slide" from zapping away your learner's math knowledge! Try these problem-a-day calendars. They're great!

Make math relevant with these activities. Great ideas here!

Enjoy your last weekend before summer begins!