Mystery Class Champions!

Period 8 finds THREE locations across the globe!


Join Mrs. Brett for a FREE pizza lunch, Friday, May 20. Meet in room 110.

Period 8 Mystery Class Champion Detectives include:

Dennis Chen, Brian DeBoer, Jayna Berk, Tracey Dieter, Taylor Sleboda, Clayton Overly, Taylor Conroy, Sophia Arnold, Lennon Neiman

Mystery Class Assistant Detective include:

Sierra Pensyl, Caroline Brown, Naythan Wood, Kate DeAngelo, Cailyn Lubak, Rocky Walter, Marnie Derr, Joanna Herrlin, Casey O'Donnell, Sianna Ream, Kelly Lieby, Zander Young, Grant Fitzgerald, TJ Watson, Max Whitson, Mandi Laudenslager, Emma Rhode, and Shelby Buskaritz - ENJOY an ICE CREAM TREAT for finding your Mystery Site!