All the Write Things!

A mini-conference that is all about ELA & writing.

K-5 teachers are invited

We will have an engaging morning packed with ideas you can implement easily when you return to your classroom the following week!

All the Write Things!

Monday, Jan. 18th, 8am


207 E. Ave A

Lampasas TX 76550


8:00-9:00 - General Session

Break out sessions follow with choices by grade level & interest.

9:15-10:15 - Break out session 1

10:30-11:30 - Break out session 2

11:30 - Dismiss - Go out and be awesome!

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Here are a few of the opportunities you'll find at the conference:

LISD Curriculum Team

We support the elementary teachers for LISD. Feel free to contact us:

Shelley Kozma


Sherrie Berry:

Paper Is Not Dead - Why Paper Will Never Be Dead - Le papier ne sera jamais mort - Emma!

Tell a neighbor about a book you love.

Why do you love it?

Is it because the punctuation is divine? The capitalization knocks your socks off?

What is it that makes you love it?

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It's not enough to be right. It has to be rich!

Composition often outpaces conventions.

Composition puts things together to create meaning. The conventions make it work.

Students MUST see the relevance of the conventions, so if you teach them together, they can attach their learning to something and see the purpose.

I think that the conventions are like the transmission in your car. You don't notice it until it doesn't work.

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Turn & Talk - Could you use that in your classroom?

It's everyone's test.

Yes, I'm talking about the S word. STAAR. Take a look at the chart below to see what we are facing at 4th grade.
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We're all teaching it. How do we make it stick?

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The application of conventions is crucial!

They solidify the learning in writing!

Tightly align your instruction to your TEKS and give them MULTIPLE opportunities for practice.

Look at the PAs in TEKS Resource System

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Cross curricular lessons = more ELAR grades & fewer papers to grade

Hold the students accountable for the conventions and take an LA grade. This PA includes a summary, so it is also good for a reading grade.



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Turn & talk about that worksheet...

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Tear off the threats portion - We can't do anything about those!

Goals for today

Jot down a couple of goals for today based on what you discussed during the SWOT session. Look for solutions.
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Raw Materials Lists

Take a sheet of paper and divide it into 3 columns.

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Gretchen Bernabei

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Convention Check

Look back at your 11 minute essay and underline every time you capitalized a proper noun in your essay.

When doing this with students you can give them the convention and challenge them to use it in their writing. They earn points for every time they do it correctly.

Can this work with the little ones?

You can have them draw pictures and then add text if they have the skills to write the text. You could use a structure like this:
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Kids learn from each other.

If you get one to do it, then others will follow.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Put a copy of Ruth Culham's "Stop Doing Dumb Things" here

These are from Schulze's class! Expository/persuasive essays to Farmer Brown!