williams syndrome

anyone can be affeted

~What Is It?~

williams syndrome is a genetic condition that happens at birth and can affect anyone. It is described for its medical problems, also including heart disease,devolpment delays, and learning disabilities.These also may ocur with difficulties speaking. Anyone with williams syndrome may have highly social personalities and a tast for music.

~cause of this disorder~

Its a rare condition caused by missing genes. The thing that is different about this gene is that the parents may not have it or any history of it. Anyone will have a 50% chance of having it. They also have a 50% chance of passing it on to his or her children, but mostly it will accrue randomly and he or she will not know if her child will have it. It's a vary rare syndrome 1 out of 1,800 births will get this disorder.1out of 25 missing genes is the gene that produces elastine that allows blood vessels and other tissues to stretch. Narrowing Blood vessels seen in this condition even with having only one copy of this gene.

~long term effects~

They may list the following

*life threating

*need costly and ongoing medical care

*they may need ( speech, physical, & occupatnal) therapy

*may not be covered by insurance or state funding

*struggle with numbers and letters (which can effect daily task)

*The will need support housing help to live their fullest

*may have fatal heart disease


Some of the problems having to do with Williams syndrome can be treated with mental and physical therapy but unfortunately there is not a cure for Williams syndrome. They are doing a project for a cure but at this moment there is no cure.