find out all about the seahawk killings

The crazy killings

It all started when Charlotte Doyle told the captain about her seeing a round robin in a chest and seeing a pistol. The captain ordered all men on deck to discuss what he has heard. He sees Mr. Crannick who is a stole away and he orders Mr. Hollybrass to give him a pistol He shoots Mr. Crannick in the head then he orders through him over board. Charlotte starts to cry. She never meant to hurt anyone she thought she was just doing what she was told. The captain tells charlotte to choose someone to take the blame for her mistake. She refuseed. The captain decided to choose for her. He chose Zacahriah, her only friend to take her punishment. He ordered 50 whips. Mr. Hollybrass swung twice and then charlotte rushed over and took the whip away from him. The Captain then rushed over and tried to take it away and then charlotte swung and hit him in the face. He then snatched out of her hand and continued in with the whipping. Zacahariah died after the whipping was over. The captian ordered him over board too. What a trajic day for the seahawk and Charlotte.

What killed Mr. Crannick

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What killed Zacahriah

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The true conffesions of Charlotte Doyle

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