English 1 Honors Poetry Project

By: Cheyenne Parker

Before the World Intruded

By: Michele Rosenthal

Return me to those infant years,

before I woke from sleep,

when ideas were oceans crashing,

my dreams blank shores of sand.

Transport me fast to who I was

when breath was fresh as sight,

me new parts - unfragmented -

shielded faith from unkind light.

Draw for me a figure whole, so different

from who I am. Show me now

this picture; who I was

when I began


The tone for "Before the World Intruded" is regretful and sorrowful. The first stanza tells how Rosenthal wishes she could return to a moment in her life where there wasn't any thing to worry about, the world seemed good and innocent.


The theme of this poem is the longing to go back to a time before you could see the evil in the word. Rosenthal talks about wanting to going back when faith was shielded from unkind light, meaning that faith and being young kept her from seeing the wickedness of the world. She wants to go back where nothing had to make sense, but everything was perfect and the world was not flawed


By: Washington Allston

AH, then how sweetly closed those crowded days!

The minutes parting one by one like rays,

That fade upon a summer's eve.

But O, what charm or magic numbers

Can give me back the gentle slumbers

Those weary, happy days did leave?

When by my bed I saw my mother kneel,

And with her blessing took her nightly kiss;

Whatever Time destroys, he cannot this;--

E'en now that nameless kiss I feel.


The tone for this poem is nostalgic, the author has a longing for his mother, and wants to keep the memories of her alive. Just as the line "Whatever Time destroys, he cannot this" he saying no matter how much time passes she will always be there with him, in his memories.


The theme is no matter how much time passes, it cannot destroy the most precious of memories. Even though time can take away those people or things that make the memories, if they are strong enough they will alway be there with you.

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