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September Newsletter

Small Towns, Big Hearts

For a long time now, brand new books have been appearing on the counter with sticky notes saying things like, "Hope you can use this." Since they are always the hottest new titles, we always can. The other day I realized that, over the three years I've been here, hundreds of dollars worth of books we would otherwise have bought have been donated this way.

Our bestseller benefactor is MaryLou Gravlin. She's a voracious reader who hates to wait for the newest titles by her favorite authors. When I asked her where she buys them, I thought I'd hear Amazon but she said, "Battenkill Books in Cambridge. I think it's important to support our local businesses. They're really nice there, make great recommendations and special order books for me all the time." She also spends enough to qualify for a discount.

Since I agree that Connie Brooks, Battenkill Books owner and bookseller extraordinaire, is quite amazing, we took a little road trip to Cambridge for a quick visit to her cozy store. I do all my holiday and birthday shopping there and always start by inhaling deeply to savor that wonderful new book smell. Connie has a great selection, has apparently read everything (I asked for some advice about how to accomplish this myself and she started with, "I hardly watch any TV" Oops.) and takes good care of her customers. She also has amazing author events. If you haven't been there yet, you are missing out.

It may seem a bit strange for a library to be promoting a book store but the fact is that we are not competitors. We are both in the business of creating and serving readers. Readers come in all stripes and types; those who borrow, those who buy and those who do both. Readers support libraries when it comes time to vote on our budgets, attend our events and make valuable donations of money, time and books. So thanks, Connie, for being such a wonderful asset to our reading community. And thanks MaryLou for your many sticky-noted gifts.

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Build a Better World - Reading Without Walls

This summer, Kelly had the chance to take the Reading Without Walls Challenge with a great group of young readers. Meeting the challenge includes reading about people and places you don't already know. While we love where we live, we all know that it's not very diverse. It's all too easy for kids, and adults, to believe that "those people" are not as good as "us" when we've never met "those people". Reading stories from others' points of view can help us recognize their humanity. It can make us think about our own assumptions. It can open us up to a wider world and all the wonders it contains. Try taking the challenge, you'll be glad you did.
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It's That Time Again! Fall Programs for Kids (little and big)

Our Popular Pre K Program Returns

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And for the older kids . . .

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GFL is teaming up with GYC and GCS for a late bus experiment

At the Library and Youth Center, we've been thinking about the kids who live outside the Village and don't have someone available to pick them up after our programs. They miss out on some pretty great opportunities. So, we approached the Greenwich Central School and asked about the possibility of creating a late bus stop.

At our meeting, we learned a lot about how complicated the bus runs are and about how much the school supports community programs for our kids. This fall, we will be doing a trial run of a system that will pick up kids near the Youth Center at 3:30 Monday -Thursday and bring them up to school to meet the late buses.

This is the school late bus and will be run exactly the same way as always. Parents will need to notify the Library or Youth Center in advance or the drivers cannot pick children up.

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Like it? Tell your friends!

KC has been the queen of customer service around here for a long time. Her newest good idea is a way to make it easy for patrons to tell the world about books that they've loved. She and Emilly put their heads together to come up with something super simple and the result is Recommendation Bookmarks. They're on the counter above the return slot. Slip them into the great books you're returning, either as is or with a note telling why you loved the book. We'll leave the bookmark in when we shelve so future browsers can get some inspiration from their fellow readers.

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