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Counseling Newsletter *** March 23rd - March 27th

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Just Keep Swimming

Shout out to all our Brentwood Vikings and STEAM Explorers! We miss you guys, but look forward to seeing you soon.

In the meantime, let's stay connected...virtually!

We are living in strange times, which can make ALL of us feel overwhelmed and downright

scared. BUT, before you freak out, remember that we are all in this together and together is a great place to be!

So in the meantime, just keep swimming! Remember to keep your chin up (and your hands clean). Continue along with your virtual learning (and social distancing). Reach out to us if you need anything (yes, even toilet paper).

We got this, y'all.

Just keep swimming.

-Counseling Team

Virtual Learning for Students

Please click on the link provided to find your virtual online learning modules. The San Antonio Library is also offering homework help just in case you need it! It is so important that you keep up with your school work at this time!

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Resources for Families

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What YOU Can Control VS What You CAN'T Control

During times of uncertainty we can begin to feel like NOTHING is in our control. However, the reality is there are things in our life that we can control. Often times, it's important for us to focus on what we can control to keep us from spiraling down the rabbit hole of anxiety.

We may not be able to control what others do, BUT we can control how we react to it. We can't control how long this might last, but we can control how we spend our time (school work, reading, listening to music, watching videos online, talking to friends on the phone, hanging out with family, learning how to cook, etc).

I encourage you (and your family) to take a look at this poster and decide what YOU can control and focus on that. You might find that what you can't control starts to fade into the background.

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Contact Us

Mrs. Tabitha Bazaldua

School Counselor at Brentwood STEAM SOI

6th Grade

Mrs. Sarah Jane Ryan

School Counselor at Brentwood STEAM SOI

7th/8th Grade

Mrs. Michelle Bokaie

Social Worker at Brentwood STEAM SOI

6th - 8th Grade