Donovan Moghaddasi


Sports football catching

I like to play football and what i am good at in football is going to be my catching. I would run all the way down to the end of the street and my dad would throw it from my house to the end of the street, and i would catch it. And if i do not catch i would keep on doing over over again till i catch it. And i am really good at catching it because i practice a lot.


I know how to build it is easy if you know how to do it you also have to be strong to pick up the heavy stuff. And you have to know how deep to put the screw or nail. I am used to it because i build it is pretty fun.
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Art drawing

It is pretty easy to draw if you draw a lot then you must be pretty good at it like me. So when i draw i draw it with all my best and number one always take your time. I like drawing because i can express your feelings and if you are stressed then just draw. It gets your mind off of what you are stressed about.
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