Come to North Carolina!!

By Ashttyn Eash.

Who is the person credited with founding the colony?

North Carolina was found by Lords Proprietors.

What year was it founded?

North Carolina was found in 1653.

What religious beliefs did they have in the colony? Did not have a religion.

What kind of schooling did children in this colony get?

The learned from the bible.

Fact 1.

The Southern colonies were the warmest of the three regions.

Fact 2.

Many young Puritans, primarily boys ages six to eight.

Fact 3.

They learned reading, spelling, and prayers.

Fact 4.

Later they went on to a Latin grammar school to prepare for college.

Fact 5.

Two-thirds of Puritan men and one-third of Puritan women.

So you can see North Carolina is the best place to live.

I hope you learn something today!