Native American Oral Traditions

By Chantel Gullett and Travis McCulley

What is the Function of Myth?

The Function is to

  • Explain the creation of existence
  • Natural Occurrence
  • Teach a valuable lessons
  • Events from the past
  • To present exaggeration and personification
  • To set examples of people and their behavior

What are the Types of Myths?

Creation myths and Origin Myths

  • Creation- describes how the world and people came to be
  • Origin- describes a natural occurrence such as the outer space, the landscapes, and beliefs and virtues of the people

What is Oral Tradition?


  • Began about 40,000 years ago
  • Each culture holds it's own way of life, creating their own stories an and myths
  • Each hold their own language
  • Stories passed from generation to generation during ceremonies and in their own houses
  • Stories symbolized and involved the past, explain their relationship with the world.
  • Stories were created by everybody- everybody participated in telling and it was created by everybody

What Is an Archetype?


  • Was used a symbol or a characters persona found from within the story
  • Examples characters- Hero, Trickster, Thief, or a liar
  • Examples Symbols- Good or bad, Knowledge, and/ or Death