President Andrew Jackson



Jackson is a great hero because, he stood for the common man. Unlike the other presidents, Jackson was born into a working class immigrants and his father died before he was born. Even though he was poor, he worked hard to be a lawyer. This made more common people want to vote for Jackson.

No More National Bank

Jackson was totally against a National Bank because, it was only helping the wealthy and not the common man. During his second term Jackson took down the National Bank. To this day, there has been no National Bank

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Before Jackson went into politics, he was war hero of the Battle of New Orleans. Although the battle was not needed, Jackson proved to be a great leader and hero. He lead Southern riflemen and destroyed the British by firing behind threatening the barriers.

Jacksonian Democracy

In 1824, Jackson ran for president against 3 other candidates, one in which was John Quincy Adams. Jackson won most of the votes but not more than 50%, so the House of Representative got to choose who was going to be president. Henry Clay negotiated a deal with Adams, know as the corrupt bargain. People felt that their voice wasn't heard and started expanding suffrage before the election of 1828. With the suffrage expanded to all white males, Jackson won the election. This event was known as the Jacksonian Democracy.

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Down With the Bank

Andrew Jackson was totally against the National Bank and took it down.

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