Leadership for Intern'l Students

10:10AM-12:05PM, Friday (3/23/15 – 5/8/15)

APPS1620 - Section 020 - FolH 30

Course Number: 70285

This 1-credit course, Leadership for International Students, is intended to expose international students in leadership training and high-level engagement opportunities within the University. Students will have the opportunity to meet university leaders and network. The course topics include leadership theories, organizational structures of US higher education systems, international leadership/engagement experiences in higher education and the International Student Barometer survey data.

The main goal for this course will be to provide the foundation for a follow up course that focuses on the development of a leadership engagement project. Students enrolled in the follow up course will receive partial or full funding for their project’s implementation. Student projects should be designed to support the University’s goals of creating or increasing a sense of belonging (evidenced by increased engagement and social integration) and providing campus visibility to students (placing them in the role of content or cultural expert).


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