Made By Aidan Barrile on march 7th, 3-4

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About The Company

I, Aidan Barrile, runs the company, The company's name is power builders, or PB. We also have a catchy, it goes "We PB can help you see, the best way to save money."The company is quite large and we have 532 people working in the factory, and 17 people, including me helping with this invention. The factory is far off in the North. The working conditions are great, we feed are employees, and we give them proper hygiene and breaks. Compare ours to the know Lowell Mills. We are 10 times better than that place if not more. Our factory system is very advanced, and is surprisingly very clean. We have lots of working interchangeable parts that always fit without needing any paste, or glue. The seats are made out of cotton so we have many advanced cotton gins. We use cotton gins to clean and un-seed our cotton.

History Of The Company

The company was first put together in 2001, where we then went of the charts and grew exponentially. The company was first thought of by me and a couple friends of mine, When we got enough money from our previous jobs, we bought some land and made a factory where i hired people and now where huge. We don't have a lot of nationalism as long as you can speak english. We at least need you too understand us and be able to understand. if you know where the Erie canal, we are directly North from there. Also, we have the monroe doctrine on or side, so no one can take, or sell our product unless we say they can and sign a contract. Also the american system, we have great Tariff to promote and protect out industry.

About the product

The name of the product is HoverX2. It is used for easier ways of getting around, you can hover over water and other terrains that most bikes can't ride through. It will be made by hand, and assembly depending on what kind you get. We'll ship our product via Van to stores and any store that sells our product, we'll give them a specific amount of money depending on where at. Someone might need one to get across different terrain, or mud or ice. You can buy one on amazon, or ebay only for right now.
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The hover bike will be around $400 made assembly, $900 made by hand. There is a deal if you buy online, we ship for free. You can't buy a bulk, there aren't many made right now. My product is the best because, just like a regular bike, you can still get exercise, and you can still go on bike rides. But have you ever bike ridden over a lake, well now you can do that and go on any terrain while still getting a workout. This product will help the country with the over usage of gas, and childhood obesity. If this product breaks, you can buy a warranty for $70 dollars. for handmade, It's $90.