President of the United States of America


Natural Born Citizen

At least 35 Years of Age

At least a 14 Year Resident


$400,000 Yearly Salary

Additional $50,000 non-taxable expense account

Free transportation in the presidential limousine, Marine One, and Air Force One

Constitutional Powers

Diplomatic Powers

Receive Ambassadors and other Public Ministers

Commander in Chief

Executive Powers

Appointment Power

Inherent Power

Executive Privilege

Other Specific Powers

Legislative Powers

Fill Vacancies

Veto power

Nominate legislation

Judicial Powers


Most important power is to be the commander in chief over all of the nation's armed forces. The president has supreme control of the military.

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Leadership Qualities

Trust- must be able to establish a truthful relationship between the government and citizens.

Decision Making- Must be able to guide and encourage convergent thinking.

Vision- Must have and be able to clearly express and communicate an inspiring vision for the country.

Negotiate- Must be able to negotiate with other governments and other political parties.

Level 5 Leader- Must be able to manage everything and bring everyone together.

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Roles of the President

1. Party Leader- Helps to promote fellow party members to be elected or appointed into office.

Ex. Choosing party members to serve in the cabinet.

Promoting and attending rallies of other party members
2. Commander in Chief- Ultimate leader of all the nation's armed forces. All military leaders serve and report to the president.

Ex. Inspecting military operations

Deciding whether to bomb a city or not

3. Chief Executive- The president has the power to enforce the laws of the nation.

Ex. Appointing the head of the Central Intelligence Agency

Reading FBI reports to ensure national security

4. Chief of State- Represent the United States at public events and ceremonies.

Ex. Awarding students

Attending the Olympic Games

5. Chief Diplomat- In charge of establishing relationships and interacting with the leaders of different nations.

Ex. Meeting with Kings or Prime Ministers

Establishing peace with our enemies

6. Chief Legislator- Although the president cannot create laws, they can voice their opinions and ideas to congress.

Ex. Signing or vetoing a bill

Making a speech in congress or working to get votes to pass a bill

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Guided Questions Answers

1. Democratic Party

2. Promoting and electing other party members

3. The party can work on the presidents behalf by proposing legislation to enact on the president's policies

1. An civilian will not be biased and too aggressive

2. A drawback could be not enough support of the military

1. Blocking property and suspending entry in to the United States of persons contributing to the situation in Libya

2. Article II

1. Bush visited the people of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

2. During wartime a president could pay tribute to fallen soldiers at funeral ceremonies

1. In 2014, Obama hosted the US - African Leaders Summit. Recently President Obama has visited Cuba to discuss business opportunists between the two nations while helping enhancing Cuba's private sector.

2. France, South Korea, and are some of the traditional allies of the United States that still remain strong today

1. Health Reform Act

2. Obama and his staff gave speeches and touted the positives of the health reform to gain political support

Solution to Terrorism

As president, I would increase spending on the Military and National Security to protect the American people from terrorism. I would support attacks against ISIS and would do all that I can to defeat them as soon as possible. I would also pay to strengthen airport security and support more efficient background checks to ensure that we are not letting terrorists into the country.
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Facts on Terrorsim

  • In 2014, the number of people killed by terrorists in the world rose by 80%.
  • An all time high of around 30,000 people died last year at the hands of terrorists.
  • Major groups include ISIS in northern Iraq and Syria along with Boko Haram in northeastern Nigeria.
  • Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, and Pakistan account for 80% of the world's terrorsim.
  • Lone wolf attacks have accounted for 70% of the attacks on western countries.
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How to Solve the Problem

As president, I would use my role as Commander in Chief to work with the military and do all that I can to put an end to terrorism. I would also use my constitutional power of hosting and visiting foreign leaders to talk about the global issue of terrorism. Lastly, I would use my Level-5 leadership skills to unite everyone together, bringing a permanent end to terrorism.
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