This is not difficult. It can commence in 2017.

ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOLS Must Commence Nationwide.

PARENTS, GRAND PARENTS and concerned educationists have to show that this nation of children is not for fooling around with or to be treated like pawns for political gains.

In respect of education, no parent will stay silent and watch a "second hand" could not be bothered delivery attitude by the current education authorities, as the case is now.

The denial of English Medium Education for children in primary and secondary schools is a GROSS INDICATION of arrogance and misused power.

The commencement of ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOLS should have been long ago . 2016 or even earlier could have seen primary schools English medium in operation. However blatant disrespect was rendered to requests from parents as well as social groups. All calls and requests remain not respected or paid importance to.

Why should children continue to be the SITTING DUCKS of politicians?

Why are parents left NOT ANSWERED as to why ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOLS cannot be that other alternative to vernacular schools as well as Sekolah Kebangsaans?

We had it with resounding success. We can have it again for the nation.

"2017" can set in motion the URGENT CALL by parents and so many professional bodies for ENGLISH MEDIUM INSTRUCTION. To capture and correct the ill actions, decisions and neglect of the past that is haunting us today, ssprimary schools in all state capitals and bigger towns can be the launch for ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOLS beginning with Standard One.

Watch how a YES! reaction from the relevant authorities and the education ministry, will make parents flock to register their children for Std One English Medium.

The vernacular schools and the other Sekolah kebangsaan, just continue as they are. The selected Sekolah Kebangsaan, nationwide can commence with STD ONE ENGLISH MEDIUM in 2017 and continue into 2018 with STD TWO and so on into the future years gradually reaching FORM FIVE English medium in the year 2027. A year at a time and within 11 years, all is n place. .

It is no task. Though setting in motion may appear daunting but with all of our available resources, put together, ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOLS can begin to be operational in 2017. Would we get to see this new beginning? What do we need to do?