Digital Citizenship Guidelines

Deutsch mit Frau Lindsay

1. We will practice safe, legal, and responsible use of technology and information

We will engage digitally appropriately with others online and thru texts. We will be responsible citizens in our words and actions. We will use the information we gather from technology to improve lives, health, our country, and our world.

2. We will demonstrate personal responsibility as life-long learners

We will use technology to better our lives and those around us. We will commit to learn how to distinguish true information from false and use that information to improve and strengthen ourselves, our family, our community, and our world.

3. We will respect our teachers and classmates by choosing appropriately when to engage on social media and when to be present

We will put our cellular devices away during class so we can maximize our learning opportunity. We will discipline ourselves to be present interacting with our friends and peers in and out of school by not looking at our phone while in conversation.

4. We will use digital media and devices to communicate and work collaborately.

We will commit to learn with and from others by communicating and collaborating with others. We will learn from others' ideas. We will appropriately communicate with our world family in our digital world.

5. We will search out clean, positive, and inspiring content in our digital interactions with others.

While online, we will commit to searching out clean, positive and inspiring substance and leave the filth behind. We will commit to interact tastefully with others, whether we know them or not.
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