2nd Hand News

Giving Thanks

2nd grade has had a busy fall! We've continued with writing, editing, book groups, and Fundations in language arts. On Halloween, the children shared their spooky bat stories around a "campfire." Regrouping has taken center stage in math and we are building the understanding behind the "magic" of trading from one place value to another. The Lenape unit has provided the opportunity to blend some science and social studies by creating bark from different tree species to build 2nd grade's very own longhouse.

We give thanks to our wonderful parents for sharing and learning about their student's work at conferences, working at the Book Fair, donating books to the classroom, chaperoning the Lenape Village and Nonesuch field trips, planning and creating treats for our Halloween party, and helping us make a mummy luminary. All of this support makes our classroom a welcoming place!

Enjoy the pictures!

In partnership,

Mrs. Nyce