Pride and Prejudice

Tyasia Sykes

Character Analysis: Elizabeth

Tyasia Sykes
English IV hr. 5
Mrs. Dearman

Elizabeth views herself as a a independent women who doesnt need anybody to make her happy she does want to get married one day but she wants the right person to be married to she is a strong women who believes in what she believes in she is not worried about others opinions she is just worried about herself at the moment.

By other characters they view Elizabeth as a women who is different from all the other women. I view her a character who i would look up to if i was growing up back then she is a well carried women who does not take anything from anybody she doesn't fall to men feet like all the other women, she is a independent woman. People view her as a woman who doesn't fit in with everyone else because she isn't desperate for anyone.

She soon realizes that she wants to be with Darcy because she realizes how much she really does like him after she realized everything that was true about him. She is not looking for mobey just true love and she needs comfort in heart she is not worried about what her mom has to say she goes with her heart and her gut sh is a very strong woman.

Love Poems

Tyasia Sykes
English IV hr. 5

Mrs. Dearman


Love i a word that is expressed

not in just words but also in actions

love is complicated and it can just

as hard as the peson that your

trying to love, is love meant for

everyone? In the end everyone

will find someone to love is passion

and desire and whats on the inside

love should make you fell warm inside

a good feeling you need to have.

Love is a complication not a feeling

everyone can deal with sometimes

love can make you feel so low even

to the person who you thought would

love you the most, even if you feel low

never give up keep going love will meet

you in the end and it will be a good destiny

faith is needed in love, love can unwrap

you as if you were a candy bar coming

down from heaven.

Book Review

Tyasia Sykes
English IV hr. 5
Mrs. Dearman

This was a good book just not a good enough book to me to catch my attention, I cant really understand middle age books because of the language that they speak its confusing to me and they use to many big words. If I had to recommend this book to anybody I would not recommend this book to anyone in high school unless they were into middle age stuff. This book presents a lot of information to you and has a lot of values to, it values love, passion, and morals.

This book basically bored me to death no offense, I can not get into books that have to do with middle age, people who believe in love at first sight should read this book because a couple of the characters to me seem like that is what was going on with them in book, love is a good thing but too much love can be too overwhelming.

This book to me was basically all about who would get the husband with the most money, and who would be the happiest. A couple of the sisters were brats and for a young girl to act that way that is very inappropriate and unacceptable and I really did not like the aunt in the book she was a stuck up snob, while the mom on the other hand was to worried about being in her kids business which is very annoying.

The dad and Elizabeth had the best characters and they would have been the only reason why i would have enjoyed the book because they were both strong and stood for what they thought was right not once did he ever try to force his daughter to marry someone that she did not want to which is another reason why i did not like the moms character. Me personally I think that lytia will grow up to be like her mother.