Create your own Country "Hinto"

-Kiana Jones

Indirect Democracy

-A presidential democracy in my country you are considered an adult at the age of 20. Meaning you are allowed to vote, as long as the person does not have a felony on their record.

-Similar to the United States in order to make decisions and create laws you must vote on a President, every 5 years instead of 4 years. Another year because if gives the people more thought on how the President is running the country. It's hard to all agree on the same ideas, so I thought adding a year would maybe give people more thought into the Presidents ideas.

Location of my Country

My country is located between Spain and France. It's a fairly small country so not a lot goes on there. The country has a federal government. Everyone in this country has power to do anything they want. There are laws of course like any other country. Mostly everyone agree's to the laws so nothing bad happens to often.

Background-Country's Culture

Population of 8,403,00

Allies and Enemies- Our main allies are Germany, Italy, and the United States. Enemies-North Korea.

We have a mixed economy between capitalist and a communist.

Our natural resources are coal and and iron. Coal mainly used for fuel used for heat and power applications. Iron is mainly used for steel.

My country speaks English.

Not a lot happens in my country. Not to many conflicts. Immigration used to be a problem but not so much anymore. People always wanted to leave and go into the United States without permission, which caused some problems, but most of those problems are solved.

Over 75% of my country is employed.

The capital of my country is Sioux Hills, that's where people stay if they come for vacation mostly because it's the biggest city in the country.

Most of the country is cities, pretty crowed areas. Some farming goes on just to get some crops of our town. Don't have real good soil.