Black Death

By: Lauren E. Crocker


*The Black Death was a deadly plague, or illness that spread in Europe killing MANY people.(notes)

*Symptoms of this illness: buboes would appear the size of eggs on skin. The victim would vomit and develop fever. They would bleed under skin and cause dark splotches on skin. People would also suffer spasms.

* the disease started with a flea. The flea would bite a rat. People didn't pay much attention to the rats in their house. So the rat would bite the human and then the human would spread the disease.

* The plague affected the towns and villages a lot. 25 million people were killed just in Europe.

* People who had the plague were treated badly. People would move just to get away from the sickness. They didn't know that they were spreading it. The people with the plague were experimented on.

* Vinegar and water was a treatment for the plague. People needed to bath in this.

Cutting the buboes was believed to let the disease leave the body.

Dieting was an important part of getting better

* the plague started in Europe and spread to Paris

*25 million people were killed by the plague just In Europe. In all, 75 to 200 million people died.