by: hannah kmak

Element Name: Kmak


Atomic mass: 116.6

discover(s): was discovered on August 9,2000 in Dallas, Tx


-High concentrated deposits found on a track or on a gym floor

-Low concentrated deposits found in a dump

1. Surface properties:

-Dirty blonde hair

-Blue eyes

-tanish skin

2.Is repelled by people who are rude for no reason, and don't appoligize

3.Is attracted by hot guys who are super sweet

4. can cause an energy boost

5. specimens can be found in various states:

-sad when i get hurt

-happy when people are kind to others and when its a good day

6.Requires copious amounts of sleep, and food

7.Becomes stubborn when i really want something

8.Is inert if i am tired

9.Will repel rude people

10.Is impervious to catty statements