The President's Post

May 2017

Are you ready?

Recently, I was asked an interesting question but I need some help answering it. The question was; "In your conference, how many churches are ready for Jesus' Second Coming?" I kind of stuttered, then shrugged my shoulders and replied; "How can we really know?" But as time has passed, I cannot get the question out of my mind. Can you help me find an answer to this important question? We know that being prepared for Jesus’ Second Coming is the goal of every church member. Nobody stepped out of other denominations, left their family churches and sometimes their families, or walked away from successful careers, in order to keep the Sabbath, and yet end up lost. I also know we are not saved corporately. But we all have the same goal, don't we? So, all could be saved and in a position to welcome our Lord when He breaks the sky.

How would we know if we are ready? As I struggle to answer this question, my mind and heart wonders if we are reflecting the character of Christ? Are we focused on mercy and mission? Do I love (agape) those in the church and those outside its walls? Has attending church, on the Sabbath day, turned into real worship? You've heard me mention the fruits of the Spirit before. I do believe those fruits are all about spiritual maturity. Are people on our mind and in our heart?

I asked several of our pastor's this question. I received very interesting answers. Some said quite unequivocally; "You can never know. It's an individual journey." One pastor wrote me a six-page epistle that I'm not sure in the end that I understood any answer. Others I could tell struggled like I did. I could feel and hear their true concern over their church.

So, this month I need some feedback from my readers. Would you send me your answer to the above question? I think it's appropriate that we spend some time examining where we are. Because the truth of the matter is, heaven will not be the same place without each one of us, who at some point committed their life to Jesus and found His Remnant Church. But then somehow, someway, lost their way. Unacceptable!!! We need each other! Psalms 27:17 says; "As Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." During announcement time, on Sabbath morning, pose this question to the congregation. Let them know we are never to become comfortable or complacent while on enemy ground.

I beg you to have Christian conversations with one another, determine where we are in this journey together. Pray for one another and encourage the walk to continue together. Talk about spiritual habits and if we are seeing spiritual growth in ourselves. If we've plateaued, find ways to kick start our journey again. I know this to be possible.

Oh, how He loves you and me! For us to win souls, this is expected of us, we need to become more than we are. For that to happen we all need accountability, which in reality is support for one another. A word, in due season, of encouragement is a powerful thing in our lives.

Until Next Month, are you ready?



At the time of this Post, I've lost 48 lbs. Five inches around my waist (had to buy new belt) and I am wearing previous smaller sized pants and shirts. My blood sugar count is finally responding to my new lifestyle. I want to encourage you that getting healthy is worth the discipline. I would love for you experience what Uchee Pines did for me. A dream to be healthier. I'm living that dream right now and, if needed, you can too! Praise His Holy Name!!
1.- On May 8 & 9, We had approximately 40 of our Pastors participating from a Logos Bible Study Software Traning here in our Office. Logos is a digital library application that allows pastors deeper insights into scripture and helps our pastors to better learn and understand the Bible.

2.- This Sabbath May 13 Gulfcoast Church is rededicating their sanctuary after a massive remodel after their ceiling collapsed.

3.-Bass Academy Graduation the weekend on May 19 & 20. We want to congratulate the class of 2017 as they move in their educational pursuits.

4.-May 20th Hoover Christian School (Birmingham 1st Church) will have their very first 12th-grade graduation commencement ceremony. We want to congratulate the Hoover School and Church Boards, who envisioned the School's potential and reach this milestone event.

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If you were lucky enough to be with us at Camp Alamisco in April for our first weekend Convocation/Campmeeting you were blessed. Elder Mike Tucker surpassed our expectations time and again. His messages brought us to the feet of Jesus and we found peace and comfort. What a blessing! I’ve heard from several people and have received cards thanking us for the entire program. We are committed to keep this going and look forward to doing it even better next year. Our theme next year will be, “Forgiven, to Forgive”. Please plan on joining us next year and help us spread the word so we can share the blessing with more of our members.

May 24-27 is our Campmeeting on the beautiful grounds of BASS Memorial Academy in Purvis, Mississippi. Elder Jim Gilley, Elder Joe Kidder and many others will bring us to the cross of Christ. I know life is busy but that business can really interfere with us growing spiritually. It’s a real blessing to our lives to have a few days to focus on our spiritual life. Please take advantage of this opportunity and please pass the word for us.

Wednesday, May 24th, 7pm

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