Land Use

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Watershed and Environmental Impact

In 2012 Canada had mandated the development of the Water Quality Plan. They have already committed 1.9 million dollars and 515 thousand dollars a year on going basis to improve this. The objective of this is to eliminate hazardous threats of the environment and prevent waste in lakes, rivers, and ocean. This is important because the quality of the environment is important to them and they want to sustain nature.
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Recycling in Canada has an increase of about 20% from 1994 to nearly 90% of all the Canadian population recycles glass, paper, plastic, and metals.

Pick up after yourself

Since kindergarden we have been told to do this, now it can easily be shown as a great way to improve quality of life. Simply instead of tossing your trash on the ground, walk a few steps to the nearest trash can. Instead of throwing it out your car window, next time you stop at a gas station or a store empty out your garbage.

Don't throw trash inside lakes or rivers.

It doesn't take much effort to hold onto your own trash, it takes literally more time to brush your teeth than to throw trash away. When you throw it in water it damages not only the water quality, but it also affects living species and slowly, or quickly, kills them or damages them.

Take your car to a carwash

Carwash are required to use a system where they drain their water and reuse it and filters out excess oils and other harmful materials from the water. This makes less water usage along with pulling out harmful oil and fluids out of the water.
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