The Science of Skeleton

By Raegan Metcalf


Skeleton is a fun sport,like Bobsleigh.The sport Skeleton is hard work,you have to train in running,and hopping on the sled.Now you can see what all that training adds up to.

How the Sport is Played

When the Skeleton sport begins the riders must run 50 meters then hop on the sled without losing momentum.Now the rider is sledding down the icy track to try to not hit the walls,and to weave through other riders, the rider must shift his/her body weight to move left or right.Now that the race is ending the sled has no brakes so the rider must drag his/her feet along the ice to stop.The rider who wins is the one with the least amount of time from start to finish.


The equipment needed for this sport is...
1.Bumpers they absorb shock so its easier on the rider.
2.Gloves protect the riders hands, and helps them hold on to the sled for the starting push.
3.Handles allow the riders to grip the sled for the starting push.
4.Helmets protect the rider's head in case the rider hits the wall.
5. Shoes, the riders grip the ice for the starting push.
6.Sled,the sled is what the rider rides on.

The Scince of the Sport

At the start of the game the riders must accelerate their speed by going faster and faster.When the rider has run his/her 50 meters they have built up enough momentum, to sled down the icy track.The riders also use friction.

Other Important Facts

The skeleton was first organized in the 1800's at Swift Village St. Moritz. How the skeleton got its name was because someone commented it resembled a skeleton. The skeleton was first used in 1892. The women's skeleton started in 2002 at Salt Lake City.