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What to Expect

Thank you for opening and reading! I will begin sending this out weekly so that you can stay up to date without tons of e-mails. I will be highlighting 1-2 Apps each week and giving you information on them and how they might be used in your classes. Along with any information updates, helpful tips, or upcoming training opportunities. If you would like me to show you how to use some of them or would like assistance in anyway don't hesitate to email me! Remember I am here to help you make this work for you and your students!
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Current Monthly Focus Reminder!

Classroom Management & Digital Citizen

-Teachers demonstrate routines in place for a digital classroom and students develop &display citizenship skills.


You will find a copy of the ISTE Standards for Teachers and Students in our Google Classroom! Check them out and use them when planning lessons! Let me know if you would like me to stop by your PLC or department meetings!

Pictures Below Apps the students will have access to immediately

Go and check these out if you would like to download ahead of time. You already have some of these and others you may not have checked out yet! They should all be free to download I have put the picture so that you may see the App Icon as well just click to enlarge. I have also listed out all the Apps.


  • Way to go Ms. Cope for trying new things!
  • Ms. Cook is up and running with AirServer and Google Classroom and trying new things!
  • Everyone who has come to one of my Trainings a Big THANKS!


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