3rd and 4th grade updates

October 12-October 16

Weekly Anticipated Agenda:

This week in 3rd grade math, we will be reviewing how to subtract and regroup through the hundreds. We will be focusing on using place-value subtraction, with emphasis on ensuring correct number placement so numbers don't "get lost". The 3rd grade will be taking a test on Wednesday that will review place-value through thousands, addition, subtraction, and rounding. After completing our test, we will be working on time (telling time to the nearest minute, A.M., and P.M.) and beginning measurement.

This week in 4th grade math, we will be working on reviewing multiplying by one-digit numbers and reviewing multiplication facts. Students will be working on modeling multiplication with drawings and how to use an array. Please make sure to work on multiplication flash cards at home.

This week in science and social studies, we are learning the phases of the moon and continuing with how to read and utilize maps (compass, key, scale).

This week in ELA, we are reading a new novel, The Year of Miss Agnes, and working on story elements (character, setting, plot, problem-solution). Our focus is on answering questions by restating the question and beginning to provide text-based evidence within your answer.

Quarter 1 Assessments

Quarterly assessments have begun and will continue throughout the next two weeks. Students will be tested on grade level science, math, humanities, and writing.

Reminder: Picture Day is Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Upcoming Event: Field Trip on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 to USF St. Pete Campus

Spirit Day Winners!

Congrats to our kids for showing school spirit! They won the spirit award for the 3rd time this year last Friday, October 9!
Remember to wear your red shirts on Friday!