Global & Local winds etc. By: Karae Jacobs


Wind Means : Is made by different air pressure . Wind is caused by high and lower pressure in the air.

Global Winds

Global winds means - is winds that blow steadily from specific directions over long direction.

Global winds are created by unequal heating of earth's surface. It is nothing like Local winds . The Doldrums is a type of wind that is near the equator . The doldrums is created by lower pressure.

Trade Winds- cold winds goes over the horse latitude and sinks , produces a region of high pressure

Jet Streams- 10 kilometers above Earth's surface are bands of high winds

Prevailing Westerlies- prevailing westerlies are the middle latitude

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local Winds

Local Winds mean - features in small region.

Local Winds are caused by unequal heating of the earth

A Sea breeze blow from the ocean to the inside land and the Land breeze blows from the land in to the water or ocean.