April 3

Chess Puzzle

NEDP has lots and lots of kids who love chess. Jamie (Eliot) found a really cool chess puzzle.

The object of this puzzle is to checkmate the black king in one move.

The answer to the puzzle is Bc4. In other words, you move the bishop 2 spaces onto the c4 square so the board looks like this:
Now the king is in check, the bishop can not be blocked, and the king can not move.

What You've Been Up To

Alyssa (Newman) made this incredibly LOOOONNNGGGG fort. Did you make a fort? We want to see it!
Big picture

Gloomy Weather Got You Down?

Cristina (Mitchell) found a healthy way for children who may be struggling a bit to express their fears, anxiety, and maybe even built-up tension from being stuck in the house for so long. It gives them a safe way to do this, all while muffling the sound. It also uses recycled supplies most households may have in their recycling bins. Create your own Scream Box...