Top News Picks from Room 56!!

September 23-27


Students were hard at work this week and learned a lot about our American justice system. All vocabulary words related to a courtroom because the main story, The Trial of Cardigan Jones , tells the story of a moose who is on trial for eating a pie. Students practiced finding details within a story in order to draw conclusions. The informational text selection, You Be The Jury, explains the process of jury duty and the expectations of each jury member.


We have been working hard in Math all week! Students reviewed and prepared for our first Unit test and they were all successful. Unit one covered a variety of skills- telliong time, counting coins to compare values, writing fact sentences and counting with a pattern rule.

We began Unit 2, ADDING AND SUBTRACTING WHOLE NUMBERS. We worked with fact families and learned how to extend them into larger numbers. For example, 7 + 5=12 helps us figure out 70 + 50=120.


Students really concentrated and focused while completing their Reading and Math MAP tests. As you know, these tests will serve as a benchmark so we can assess the students' growth throughout third grade. The results assigna lexile number which will guide your child in choosing appropriate books for them to read alone. I will give them their number so you can use it when looking to purchase books or borrowing books from the library.


Ask your child about the differences in communities. They should be able to give you some differences between urban, suburban and rural areas. Students are creating a trifold drawing of each type of community. They are to include at least 3 details for each area!