Cynthia Mireles

The Great Depression


The Great Depression started in the late 1920`s and ended towards the middle of the 1940`s. The Great Depression made a great impact on almost a quater of all americans were unemployed. Many people often see that the cause of the depression during that time was because of the stock-crash in October of 1929. Thoes investors that had bought stcoks in margin with borrowed money were cleared out completely. Surprisinly what helped ending The Great Depression was the World War II the big amount of spending on the war proided enough help to be able to end The Great Depression which ended around 1945 by the time World War II had ended.

Key Person

Franklin D. Roosevelt was a very important person during The Great Depression. Franklin Roosevelt was born in 1882 at Hyde park, New York. In 1905 he married Eleanor Roosevelt on St. Patricks Day. He went to Harvard Univerdity and Columbia Law School. When he was elected president he was in his second term of being governor of the state of New York. He was elected president in the year of 1932. After he was elected President the first goal for him was to gain back public confidence. He was a very important person because he helped America through its hardest times. He ended his presidency in the year of 1945.

Event List

They`re many important dates related to The Great Depression this are some. One of the important dates is the 1920 which they called the roaring 1920`s. They called them like that because during those years it was the time of wealth a decade bfore The Great Depression hit. Another important date was 1929 which was when The Great Depression started it is a very important date for the American history because it was when we were at our worst. Lasltly one other important date was 1945 which was when World War II ended and which also around when The Great Depresion ended. Those are just some important dates that relate with The Great Depression.

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