Hawaii's Endangered animals



The Green Hawaiian turtle is the biggest hard shell sea turtle, Adults range around 100cm in length, and 100kg in weight. Hatchlings weigh 25g and are 50mm long.


They mainly stay near the coastline, and around islands with sea grass beds. They stay in protective shores and are rarely seen in open ocean.


The Green Turtle adapts to its surroundings by eating whats available.

Food chain

the Green Hawaiian turtle is omnivorous, which means they eat plants and animals. they eat sea grass, algae, worms, and jellyfish.They are able to eat jelly fish because of the thickness of their skin.

critical information and endangered reasons

The greatest threat is from the commercial harvest for eggs and food. Other green turtle parts are used for leather and small turtles are sometimes stuffed for curios. Incidental catch in commercial shrimp trawling is an increasing source of mortality.

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Green Turtle