Donald Driver foundation [NATIONAL]

Donald Driver

What Donald Driver has done to help the community

He help homeless people get homes to survive so they can live. he does that by raising money and giving it to the community and then they give it to the people who don't have money to get a home.

Impact on the community

It helps family's be safe.because he gives them money to survive or he will git them a home or he will git them food.

Background Information

He was born on February 2,1975 in Houston, Texas. He had three children there names are Cristain Driver, Christina Driver, and Charity Driver. Donald driver was 38. His collage was Ialcorn/state his high school was Houston. he played for the packers for 14 years.

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What can i do

What I could do to help the community I could walk around and pick up trash. I could cut my neghibors lawn and during the winter i could shovel there drive way. I could raise some money so i can give it to homeless people so they can get food and live. I could help old people by talking to them and maybe make there day. I couldmake some sighns that say do not litter so we can stay cleanand maybe people can start to put garbige bag in there car so if you do eat in your car you can put it in the garbige.
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