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Robotics training in chennai

Robotic training in chennai

Technocrat offers India's No.1 Robotics course specifically designed for recent graduates and candidates looking to establish a career in core industry. Technocrat inculcates its decades of experience in teaching core subjects to aspiring students in devising a curriculum that covers the latest theoretical aspects of Robotics. We believe practical knowledge is essential to better understand and compliment the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom.

Therefore, Technocrat's Robotics Course In Chennai imbibes laboratory based practical classes as a part of the curriculum. Our lab facility is a wide area of 14000 sq/ft, equipped with the latest, world-class gadgets and equipments supplied by Nachi Robotics from Japan.

Robotics training center india

Robotics is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that is fast becoming a phenomenon around the world. It is defined as the study of a Robot's mechanism, automation, chassis and behavior. Though the word "Robotics" was first coined in a science fiction novel way back in 1950, interest in this field as a subject of academics is fairly recent.There are oodles of applications of Robots in a gamut of sectors.

Robots have in certain cases replaced human workforce and in others have enhanced and made humans work safer. Medical Surgeries, Automobile, Aeronautics, Construction are few of the industries where Robots are widely utilized. Mechanical Engineers, Information Technologists, Automation Engineers are among the many professions whose knowledge base will be helpful in understanding and in turn flourishing in the field of Robotics training in chennai.