ENSC Family Notes

March 24, 2014

eLearning Hour

Last week's eLearning hour was an excellent test for hosting an eLearning day. The first to be done this Friday with secondary students. Our students in kindergarten through fourth grade took their device home for the first time for Wednesday night's activities. All were returned and there was no breakage. Parents tweeted positive messages and pictures and teachers received emails from students thanking them for the opportunity.

Often when a person enters uncharted territory, fear of the unknown can become overwhelming. There were some who were uncertain of the ability of our youngest students to take home a device and use them as a learning tool in a productive, safe, and effective manner. Students were engaged in their work and completed their assignments at a much higher rate than traditional homework. With parent and student feedback, this test run can make our future eLearning days successful and academically valuable.

Thank you families for all of your help and support for this week's trial run.

Tech Visit Day Wednesday

All of the ENSC buildings will be open to families and community members to stop in and see how technology is being used in the classrooms. Buildings are hosting two sessions on Wednesday, March 26. One session will begin at 8:30 a.m. and the other session will begin at 9:45 a.m.

This is a great opportunity to see how we have progressed in the use of technology and how it has changed the way our students are engaged in their learning.

Kindergarten Round Up

Please forward this information to families who have children ready for kindergarten in the fall. Kindergarten Round up will be held on the following dates:

Wayne Center Elementary – April 10, 6:30 p.m.
North Side Elementary – April 15, 6:00 p.m.
Rome City Elementary – April 15, 6 p.m.
Avilla Elementary – April 22, 6:30 p.m.
South Side Elementary – April 24, 6:00 p.m.

This evening is for parent and child both.

Board Meeting March 26

This week's Board meeting include agenda items from the March 12 cancelled meeting as well as a couple of new items. Below is the agenda:

  • Presentation of a donation to the Fort Wayne Chapter Honor Flight from the ENHS Interact Club
  • Presentation of an award to ENHS from the AFS Organization recognizing ENHS's involvement with foreign exchange studentsalways
  • Overview an Avilla Activity from "Day of Code" event
  • Overview of the ENHS JAG Program
  • Review of building project process
  • Action to adopt updated Board policies 0000-2999

As always, you are invited and encouraged to attend Board meetings. This week's meeting will be held at Avilla Elementary and begin at 6 p.m.

School Messenger

East Noble School Corporation changed their messaging system from Power Announcements to School Messenger. This company is very good and responds to our questions and needs in a timely and effective manner. The challenge is, if we don't know the questions to ask, we learn the hard way. Last week we learned that General Messages are going to families and some students

Within our initial system set up, ENSC chose for students not to receive general messages. However, when setting up School Messenger Accounts, families have control over who receives the General Messages such as these Family Notes and other messages that are intended for parent/guardians. Parents are able change the settings so that their child does not receive general messages.

When families set up their School Messenger account, one item they could select was to allow their child to recieve general messages. If you do not want your child to recieve general messages, Get into your School Messager account "uncheck" the box that allows students to receive general messages.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email vmosley@eastnoble.net

Nurse Jessica James is this Week's Super Hero!

Jesse James was an American outlaw, gang leader, and bank robber. Nurse Jessica James however is anything but. Unless of course you’re a germ, then she’s someone you don’t want to mess with.

We are talking about Nurse James who came to us full time this school year. She came into the high school and has turned the clinic into a well-oiled machine. The often time chaotic area that is part guidance, part nurse’s station, part waiting room has been transformed into a fully operational, smooth running area. Gone are the days where students are laying around on the benches waiting to go home because they have a tummy ache. Nurse James tends to their needs right away and sends them back to class. She of course handles all levels of trauma calmly and reassures kids and staff that things will be alright. During the harsh winter of ice and snow, Nurse James dealt with more than her fair share of slips and falls. She is meticulous with her paperwork, and has developed an excellent rapport with parents because of her swift decisions and persistence.

Nurse James works well with her guidance colleagues and they greatly appreciate the changes that have been brought about under her watch. Having someone in the clinic full time has proven to be a great decision. She does an excellent job of keeping staff informed and updated regarding a student’s well-being. Nurse James does more than tend to boo-boos; she takes the time to develop positive relationships by listening to kids and their needs. This helps her decide whether or not the kids should go back to class or seek further medical assistance. She is super friendly, always helpful, and often sacrifices her lunch time to work with kids. She has a great sense of humor, and gets along with everyone. That is why we are proud to showcase Nurse Jessica James as the High School Featured Staff Member.

Spring Break

By the calendar, it is officially "spring." Apparently, mother nature thumbed her nose to that last Friday by leaving us with a poorly timed snow dusting of the roads that caused some challenging driving conditions. I have confidence that spring will arrive and quickly followed by summer. Positive thinking, positive thinking.

Last Friday was an example of how important the timing of weather can be to making a decision on delaying or cancellation. The snow arrived late and kids were already riding on busses. It was a very difficult decision.

When students return to school following break, we have just 44 school days left!

Enjoy your break, spend time with family and friends, and do something for fun!


A Few Websites Worth a Look

Have a Great Week

And, enjoy your spring break.


Curriculum and Building Notes


As we prepare for Spring Break and hopefully some sunshine and warmer weather (anything over 35 degrees feels like a heat wave at this point), this is a good time to pick up a book and read. It is also a great time for students to have the opportunity to read a book for fun.

The thing that I struggle with is picking out the next book that I want to read. I look at the picture on the cover, the title, and read the summary but sometimes that is still not enough to draw me in. I wish there was a simpler way for finding a book.

Oh, wait! There is. I found a handy website that will provide you recommendations of what to read next based off of what you already like to read. Simply type in the title of a book that you previously liked and you will be provided a list of similar books that may peak your interest. Now, I just have to narrow down which book I enjoyed the most this year to enter into the search!


Also, here is a brief update on the Indiana Standards. This information was taken from the March 17, 2014 DOE Dialogue.

After three public meetings and 2066 comments, the work of narrowing, articulation, and removal of redundancy and opportunity for integration of skills will begin. The draft to be presented again to the Evaluation Team and the Indiana College and Career Ready teams, both made up of educators from across the state in classrooms from K-Higher Education, as well as representatives from career and industry. These teams will continue to guide the work of refining these standards and giving more definition to the architecture of the standards until they are ready for presentation to the Education Roundtable and then the State Board of Education. During this same period of time the draft of standards will be given to several different national experts who have experience in college and career ready standards for their analysis of our process and our Indiana draft. These analysis will be shared with the College and Career Ready Panel and Evaluation Team as they are received.

These last two steps will be completed prior to the end of April, and the goal will be to publically announce new College and Career Ready Indiana Academic Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics in May.

East Noble High School

Some of our English teachers have been using their extended hour to implement Genius Hour with their classes. Genius Hour is 1 hour per week given to students to learn about whatever they want! The only requirements are 1) it must have a research component and 2) it must be turned into some kind of project or presentation. Week 1 was spent brainstorming ideas, week 2 is spent researching, and week 3 is spent finalizing the project aspect. So far, topics range from concussion awareness, to make-up and fashion demonstrations, to computer game creations. The Tuesday after spring break, students from adjacent classrooms will be opening the partitioned wall to create a gallery of Genius Hour projects/presentations for other classes and staff to come browse. Can’t wait to see you there!

A few English classes are all in the middle of their "You Are the Teacher" poetry projects. Each class is broken into groups and each group has been assigned terms relating to poetry. As a group, they have to learn about their terms and prepare a presentation, activity, and a quiz for the rest of their classmates. Presentations must include definitions and examples of poems that demonstrates or contains each term. Each group will have their day to be the teacher and present their lessons to their students.

Some English classes are presenting projects through the use of videos, websites, etc. Some projects are focusing on the students themselves; others are presenting skills needed for the ECA testing this spring. Teachers are currently focusing on Smekens’ use of decoding writing prompts, constructed response writing, and writing on demand. Senior teachers are working with seniors in interview techniques and portfolio preparation, so they can earn the required credit to receive a diploma from East Noble.

East Noble Middle School

ENMS Health classes are looking forward to the high school students’ Peers Educating Peers presentations April 11th, 18th, & 25th. The peers will be teaching middle school students how to identify risky behaviors and tips to avoid them.

This past Saturday (3-15) the 7th and 8th grade bands competed at Garrett for ISSMA’s Large Group Contest. The bands were rated on categories such as: intonation, tone quality, articulation, note accuracy, rhythmic accuracy, interpretation, dynamics, balance and blend, and professionalism / posture. Three judges adjudicated each band and, like golf, the lower the score the better rating one receives. Each category mentioned from above is rated on a scale from 1 (being perfect) to 4 (being unacceptable). Gold ratings were in the 9-13.5 range, silver in the 14-18 range, and 18.5-22 in the bronze range. Both bands were rated in the gold range by all three judges. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL STUDENTS THAT PARTICIPATED IN THE EVENT!

East Noble Swim and Dive ended it first ever season with a 2-3 girls record and a 1-5 boys record. The teams competed in the NHC (Northeast Hoosier Conference) meet March 18 and 20. The girls competed Tuesday and took seventh place with 177 points. The boys competed Thursday and placed eighth with 117 points.

Many swimmers on the team were new to the concept of competitive swimming, with only a few who have participated in competitive with our local age group team, The Cole YMCA Bluefins or an area USA swim team. According to Head Coach Megan Disque, English teacher at East Noble High School, the veteran swimmers were a valuable asset to the team.

North Side Elementary

Wednesday was our first eLearning night. Kindergarten students were excited to take home their iPod devices for a learning activity. Kindergarteners at North Side used their iPods to scan a QR code which connected them to a story to listen to. After listening to the story, kindergarten students drew pictures to show the beginning, middle, and end of the story. They also wrote about their favorite part of the story. Students enjoyed showing their parents how they use their iPod for learning. In the classrooms, it is an exciting time for kindergarten students. All the foundational phonics skills students have learned are being put to use as they become more accurate and fluent readers and writers.

On Thursday, Ronald McDonald came to visit North Side! You could hear the roar of the audience from students of all grade levels. The two programs were designed to both entertain and send a message about Bullying. Ronald provided fun activities to raise awareness about the effects of bullying and what kids could do to prevent it. “When an adult or teacher is near a bully will disappear” was the motto of the convocation. To help illustrate his message, the group came up with a clever MadLib to create a scenario in which the hero (played by a student) saves the day from a bully (also played by a student) who is picking on another child.

This week North Side also wrapped up the Krispy Kreme fundraiser that was conducted by National Elementary Honor Society. As a school, we sold over 200 dozen donuts raising the school enough money to fund our ISTEP t-shirts for this year as well as customized therapy dog vests for Ellie and Oliver that can be worn when they are out in the community. Great job Wildcats for all of your hard work and devotion in making our project come to life.

Rome City Elementary

This week the Rome City Tech Squad students assisted Mr. Yoder in maintaining the iPod touches. They also help with other various technology needs within the building. With their assistance their many hands make light work. Thank You Tech Squad.

Computer Science is a rapidly growing field of opportunity. Our 5th and 6th graders are fascinated with the idea of learning how to make a video game, computer program, or a website. With so much available involving technology, there are not enough people in computer science to meet the need. Scratch is the programming language we will be using. With it, students can create presentations, animations, and designs by telling Scratch what to do. They will be working during "tech time" to get started on their journey. To use Scratch, students under 13 cannot use their own email address. Scratch requires a parent email address. Please allow your child to use your email address so that they can participate in this exciting opportunity.

Our Kindergarteners through 4th grade had the opportunity to take their iPods or iPads home and complete assignments for eLearning make up time. Decorating their security envelope was an important part of the process of keeping our technology safe and secure. Thank you parents for assisting your students in this new process.

The kindergarten classes enjoyed meeting some special visitors from the Fort Wayne Zoo this week. They were able to pet a millipede, a lizard, a bird and an armadillo and learn some interesting facts about each one. The children were excited to participate in the presentation and used the clues they were given in order to guess the animal they would see next.

South Side Elementary

On Tuesday evening March 18th, the sixth grade bands from North Side, South Side, and Wayne Center combined to perform a concert for fifth grade students and parents who are interested in being in the sixth grade band next year. The performance was the first time all three schools combined into one ensemble. They opened the concert with “Princess Kiley's March” by Todd Philips, then demonstrated all of the instruments playing “Basic Blues” and closed the program with “Cango Caves” by Ralph Ford. The sixth grade band's performance made a great impression on the fifth graders as we signed up 50 students for next year. It was a great evening.

In Mr. Johnston's 5th and 6th grade Music classes, students have been analyzing the music of composer John Cage who wrote lots of 'chance' music. They watched the song called, "Water Walk" then composed and performed their own version of it using everyday objects. In the Kindergarten and 1st grade classes, students have been practicing writing 4 beat musical patterns and using "Orff-ositions" in small groups with instruments. 2nd grade will soon be learning to use the iPad app, "Garage Band" to record their own songs.

At South Side, our PE classes are looking ahead! On April 8th, South Side students will begin their 4th annual Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser. All proceeds will benefit the American Heart Association. During this time, students will have fun jump roping in PE class, and raising money for a great cause. That is what Jump Rope for Heart is all about - encouraging children to participate in physical activity, teaching them the warning signs of heart attack and stroke while showing that they are contributing to their community.

Wayne Center Elementary

Wayne Center’s 4th graders had great success with our eLearning Night! The students got to create a video that showed their reading skills. They also used PicCollage to practice writing summaries. Students had the ability to refer back to teacher videos to help with their math homework as well! They are really looking forward to being able to take their iPads home again for our future e-learning day!

This week, Wayne Center was visited by the one and only Ronald McDonald! Students got the opportunity to learn about bullying and how to be a good friend and hero to others! They also enjoyed his jokes and dance moves!!

As a school, we have reached our 750,000 minute mark in ou

r reading contest! Students are enjoying earning their prizes and are really looking forward to the ice cream sundae that they have earned!! Only 250,000 more minutes to go to reach our 1,000,000 goal!!

Lastly, a number of Wayne Center students participated in the FAME Festival last weekend. The combined choirs of Wayne Center and South Side performed on the FAME stage on Sunday and did a great job. Several students from our school had artwork on display as well. Two of our students won awards for their work. Sierra Kammerer won the Teacher’s Choice Award and Gray Mullins won the Mayor’s Choice Award. Sierra’s work will be displayed in an art show at the Ian and Mimi Rolland Art Gallery at St. Francis University in May and Gray’s will be on display at an art show at the Mayor of Ft. Wayne’s office in April. Gray has also been invited to a special meeting with Mayor Tom Henry.

Alternative Learning Centr

As the second week of the Tri comes to a close we are still “smoking” at the ALC!!! Not like that!!! Don’t be thinking Tobacco violation just because you heard “smoking” and ALC in the same sentence!!! Our students have now accumulated 10 credits for the Tri and I believe we will reach the once unthinkable 300 credit mark before the end of the year!!! We have several students getting dangerously close to graduating and I should be able to share that great news with you in the coming weeks. We have one Exit Interview scheduled for next week and I’ll bet that will be closely followed by two more. Stay tuned to Weekly Notes for the latest updates on life at the ALC.

Avilla Elementary

We would like to thank students, families, and staff for an outstanding ISTEP and IREAD testing period! Students worked very hard during the testing and we are sure that they will be rewarded for the great effort. We now are focusing on the next round of testing in late April. Students are aware of how important it is to show their abilities as they all strive to be “College Bound”.

This past Thursday evening the National Elementary Honor Society inducted 20 new members. We are very excited to have the fifteen new 4th grade students and five new 5th grade students in OUR society. We would like to thank OUR 6th grade Honor Society members for being a part of the ceremony. We would like to thank these students for their outstanding service to OUR school and community over the past three years. We would also like to thank the families of OUR society members for their dedication to their children and OUR school.

OUR school will be hosting a District Tech Open House on March 26. Parents and community members are invited to attend OUR building for two sessions. The first session is from 8:30-9:30 AM and the second session is from 9:45-10:45 AM. This is an excellent opportunity for OUR community to see how students and staff are using technology to increase student engagement and learning.