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Jonathan Reeves

Chapter 10: Swimming

Swimming can be an important symbol in chapter 10. Before she learned how to swim she was a push over and very dependent on her husband. But now she finds this new source of confidence and self pride to stand up for her self. Which was never done from women during this time.

Chapter 10: Hammock

The hammock can be symbol for chapter 10 also. It can be a symbol of Edna saying no to her husband and spending the night with Robert.
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Chapter 10: Beach

The beach is where most of chapter 10 happened. It's where Edna learn how to swim, and was somewhat reborn in a sense.

Chapter 11: Cigars

In chapter 11 is where Edna's husband comes in, where he smokes several cigars waiting for Edna. This could be a symbol for Edna's husband's presents. His presents in chapter 11 could be like smoke or in other words she feels like she's stuck in a cloud of Cigar smoke.
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Chapter 11: Wine

In chapter 11 you also see Edna's husband drinking glasses of wine. He also repeatedly offers Edna wine, homing she will calm down and come home. This could be a symbol for a peace treaty between the two, but Edna's decides to deny the wine and the peace treaty that comes along with it.
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Chapter 11: Sleep

Edna knows she will have to go home with Leonce eventually, because no matter how hard you try, eventually you will fall asleep. So in this chapter sleep symbols her defeat in this situtation
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Chapter 12: Spanish Girl

This could be a symbol of mystery, because Edna doesn't know who she is but she knows she is very kind and flirtatious with Robert. And we also find out later in the book that Robert is going to Mexico ..?
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Chapter 12: Treasure

Edna and Robert jokingly talks about finding treasure when exploring the islands for the next couple of days. Which seemed to me like they were jokingly talking about how it would feel being a couple, "finding treasure".
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Chapter 12: Mrs. Lebrun’s servants

In chapter 12 Edna keeps sending one of Mrs. Lebrun's servants to wake up Robert, acting as if she is sending love notes to get his intention. Using the servants as a middle-man.
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Chapter 12: Grand Isle island

To Edna, Grand Isle symboled a prison for her. She felt forever trapped an chained to the island before the night with Robert where she learned how to swim. Now on a boat, she is free and ready to explore the other islands.
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