"KNIGHTS! Camera! Action!"

Merryhill School-Milpitas, California (Home of the KNIGHTS)

Jessica Arciniega-Assistant Principal (1074)

It was very exciting to hear the news that our school was receiving I-PADS at the start of the 2014-2015 school year! I knew our students are digital learners and using I-pads as an instructional tool to connect and engage our digital learners was important.

However, as I looked through the lens of a video camera, I was worried how I would get the teachers to embrace I-pads in a way that they can transform their classrooms. I was wondering how I was going to prove to my teachers, who have been teaching for so long and set in their own ways, that technology is more than a "toy"....that it is a tool they can use to enhance, create and transform their curriculum and classrooms! To some of the teachers, knowing how to use the I-pad was going to be a challenge in itself. I understood we had to meet some specific goals during the year:

1) Teach the teachers how to use the I-Pad (APPS, Skills, etc)

2) Teach the teachers how to utilize specific APPS (I-Movie, Keynote, Garage Band,etc) in

ways that they are comfortable and confident to embed it in their curriculum. At the same time creating rigorous instruction which allow them to move up the continuum.

3) Allowing the teachers to realize that incorporating the I-Pad does not mean you are just "adding more" to the curriculum. This means you are enhancing and transforming what you have done in the past!

4) Educating our educators that the I-Pads allow students to learn, develop and grow in

creative and unique ways.

5) Teach our teachers that I-pads will bring more creativity, collaboration and

communication to the classroom.

Evidence of Technology at Merryhill School

Technology played a big role inside the classrooms at Merryhill School. Some areas that we worked to integrate technology were:

1) The 5th-8th grade students had the 1-to 1 I-Pads. The MS students had the opportunity to create in all their core classes through videos, blogging, research reports, power

points, movie creations etc.

2) The 1st-4th grade classes used the I-pads to create brochures, blog, used interactive

APPS, etc.

3) The teachers also utilized their I-Pads with their instruction, communication to parents and more!

4) Technology was visible to parents, both inside and outside of the classroom, as they

walked through our campus! Our hallyway boards display the 21st Century Skills:

Learning & Thinking, Life & Career Skills and Technology Skills.

Merryhill's Walk of Fame

Best Practices for Training

How was training performed?

Our teachers participated in training every Monday for one hour since the start of the school year. I worked to create interactive training sessions where the teachers were involved and engaged. I also wanted to demonstrate how they could take the items they were learning from the training into their classrooms.

Steps in training:

1) After the instructional phase of the i-pad which allowed the teachers to understand the goal of the I_pad integration into their classroom and the use of SAMR (Bloom's Taxonomy), we focused on 1 specific APP per month (I-movie, Keynote, Garage, band etc.)

2) During the month, the teachers first learned how the specific App worked. Then I had the teachers create a project using that APP.

3) Next, the teachers had to take a specific concept from their curriculum and create a lesson plan integrating the I-Pad. The teachers always had to share their work with their peers. This way, teachers could learn from each other.

4) Finally, the teachers discussed how their lessons that they created could move through the SAMR continuum.

5) The last few months were also used for showing videos and best practices from the SMORES brought from the Vanguard PD's. I also had the teachers find 5 APPS they think would be best to use in their classrooms and share them with the group. We created a list of best APPS that we felt worked well with our curriculum.

Samples and Suggestions

Overall, I really learned and enjoyed the training. I would continue to show videos that show the importance of technology integration inside the classroom and real-life experiences with teachers using the I-Pads inside the classroom. I would continue to show samples of projects and how they match up with the SAMR levels! I think this is a continuous effort to get teachers to truly understand how important the I-pad usage is in their classrooms!

Favorite Quote:

" Education is not learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."

- Albert Einstein