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Plan Photosynthesis and Plan Respiration

Photosynthesis Plan

Clients that can be hired:

It can be any type of plant

How photosynthesis works:

-This is where light energy combined with carbon dioxide and water to make the plants own food which is the process called photosynthesis.

-Light energy is converted to chemical energy.

Carbon Dioxide + Water + Sunlight-->Glucose and Oxygen


-This plan is used to create energy because plants have to create its own food to use it for energy.

-Plants have this extra organelle called chloroplast that is in charge of photosynthesis.

Where the energy obtains:

-The mitochondria converts the chemical energy stored in the food that the plant makes.

Necessary "accessories" are:

-The chloroplast is the organelle that sites photosynthesis.

-Chlorophyll is green chemical that transforms sunlight into chemical energy

-Larger vacuole because plants are autotrophs that make their own food so, the plant cells have to store food and water to create energy.


Benefits would when the plant goes through photosythesis it gives out oxygen for animals to breathe.

Resperation Plan

Clients that can be hired:

It can be any type of animal.

How respiration works:

-Respiration is the process in which an organism obtains energy by reacting oxygen with glucose to give water, carbon dioxide, and energy.

-Plants and animals use the oxygen in the air to turn food into energy.

- Respiration formula is C6H12O6+602

- That formula is glucose + oxygen

- Respiration is the process by which cells use nutrients and oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and energy.

Where respiration happens:

Respirations happens in the mitochondria.

Things that you need for Respiration:

You need the mitochondria to convert chemical energy stores in in food into energy used by the cell.


The benefit would be creating energy for animals body.