Pirate Weekly News

September 19-23

Dear Parents,

Progress reports will be going home on Wednesday, please review and sign the report and send it back to school with your child.
Remember to sign up for a Canvas Parent Observer Account, so that you can log in at anytime and check on you child's grades. Canvas will send you weekly notifications, etc., it is a great tool for students, teachers and parents. There is a link below with instructions.

What we are learning this week

Math: Addition and subtraction up to 4 digits (NSBT.4)


Weather: Layers of the atmosphere- Test Tuesday 9/20

Weather instruments for measuring and collecting weather data

Social Studies:

Exploration of the New World: Reasons for Exploration

Language Arts:

Word Study: Spelling tests will be given on Fridays! (students should have a list of 10 words with similar spelling patterns written in their agenda)

Reading: Guided Reading Groups, Shared reading: The Best Halloween Ever, Point of View, character traits, setting and making inferences.

Writing: Narrative writing (realistic), cursive handwriting,

Language Usage (grammar):Complete sentences, fragments, and run-ons, common and proper nouns.


A great tool to help students study for tests!
Please sign up to join Mrs. Colletto's Class in Quizlet. Click on the link below.

Upcoming Events:

Sept. 21- Progress reports go home

India Hook E-News subscription

Parents please sign up to receive weekly E-News from India Hook. This is a great source of information about what is happening here at the "Hook" Click on the link below to sign up.


Setting Up a Parent Observer Account in Canvas

Setting up a Parent Account in Canvas:

For a video version of this tutorial, see:

1. Navigate to http://rockhill.instructure.com.

2. Click the banner at the top that says “Parent of a Canvas User? Click here for an Account.”

3. Enter your name, your email address (this will be your login Username), and your Child’s Canvas Username and Password.
Your Child’s Username: __________________ Password: ___________________

4. At this point, you now have an account—but we must do a few things to set it up. First of all, we need to confirm your account. You will need to check your email that you entered in Step 3. You should have received an email from Canvas. Open that email and click on a link from Canvas that will let you finish the registration process.

For more information about the Canvas Parent Account (after you set up the


account), visit http://j.mp/observerguide

5. Once you click on that link, set your password to something you will remember and then click register.

6. Your Canvas account is now set up. If you have additional students in Rock Hill Schools, add them by doing the following (skip to Step 9 if not applicable). Click on the top of the Canvas homepage on Settings.

7. Click on Observing on the left.

8. Enter each students’ username and password.

9. You are all set up for your Canvas parent account! Keep these few things in mind:

  1. 3-12 teachers will be reporting grades in Canvas and final quarter grades will be transferred to PowerSchool. Reporting of grades will remain the same for K-2.

  2. You can access all of your children’s courses via the courses button at the top. If a course is missing, this is likely due to the teacher not publishing their course yet.

  3. You can access your child’s course calendar using the calendar button.

  4. You can observe your child’s work and interactions in this account. This

account does not allow you to participate in your child’s class.